Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois Customers

Corporate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU) is excited to announce our acquisition of Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois customers as new members of CAFCU!

Purchase & Acquisition Date

Deposit Insurance (FDIC and NCUA)

No Interruption in Service

Watch for additional information from us as we look to provide you a seamless transition to becoming a member of CAFCU. We look forward to serving you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership with CAFCU provides you and your family with the tools, resources and expertise to financially succeed. Through this transaction you’ll gain access to the same products and services of a bank plus FREE unbiased financial coaching, education, member discounts and more. Ultimately, we will be able to serve you in more ways, and in ways that also enhance our commitment to our members.

We understand that you may have some questions related to the acquisition, so we’re providing answers to some of these questions.

Q: Why is Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois being acquired by CAFCU?

Q: How large is CAFCU and where are they located?

Q: Will there be changes to your staff?

Q: Who will be the President/CEO?

Q: Will there be changes to the Board of Directors?

Q: Where will the headquarters be located?

Q: When will I see signage begin to change at branch locations?

Q: Are you planning to close any branch locations?

Q: What’s the benefit to me related to this acquisition?

Q: Will my account number change?

Q: How will this affect my rates and service charges/fees?

Q: Will my deposits continue to be federally insured?

Q: What happens if I already have both a CAFCU account and a Ben Franklin Bank of Illinois account?

Q: Will I be able to access my account at new branches?

Q: Will I still be able to use my current checks?

Q: Will I still be able to use my debit card?

Q: Will my online banking change?

Q: When your name changes, will my direct deposit still work?

Q: How will I get to the credit union’s website?

Q: Will employee emails change?

Q: Will employee phone numbers change?

Q: Will there be any changes to my account notices and statements?

Q: How will I receive additional information about this acquisition?

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?