​College Bound Checking

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Higher education means a higher level of responsibility.

Make sure your budding young adults are headed down the path towards financial responsibility with a College Bound Checking Account. This free, no minimum balance checking account is tailored to the member who is attending college and is 17-22 years of age. Each student is provided with a free box of checks at beginning of each school year.  

The College Bound Checking Account has a few simple requirements:

  • Be a member of Corporate America Family Credit Union
  • Be 17-22 years of age (members under 18 must have parent/legal guardian as joint owner on account)     
  • Be attending a college or university full-time
  • Provide a current copy of school registration

Open a College Bound Checking Account today! 

Call our Member Center at 1-800-359-1939, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST or visit your nearest branch.