Youth Membership Offer

Investing in Miracles

Investing in Miracles

When you open a new membership account for a child (under 18 years of age) between October 1 and December 31, 2021 CAFCU will match – up to $25 – the initial deposit amount for the purpose of donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.

Start investing in your child's future today!

Plus, make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Stop by your nearest branch today and open an account. 

Don't live near a branch? Call us at 1-800-359-1939 or fill out, print, sign and mail your application to CAFCU, 2075 Big Timber Road, Elgin, IL 60123. Don't forget to include a copy of your child's birth certificate and Social Security card.


For more information or questions connect with us:


*Parent/legal guardian must open a new Corporate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU) membership account (Regular Share) for minors (under 18 years of age) and be a joint owner on the minor’s account. CAFCU membership accounts for minors require a copy of the minor’s birth certificate and Social Security card. Deposit Match: For the purpose of donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, CAFCU will match dollar-for-dollar, up to $25, the amount deposited to new membership accounts opened for minors. As CAFCU is making the donation, neither the deposit nor the deposit match is tax deductible for the member. In order to be eligible for deposit match, CAFCU membership accounts for minors must be opened between October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 with an initial deposit of at least $5. All owners must meet CAFCU membership eligibility and approval requirements to open new membership accounts. CAFCU will donate a maximum amount of $5,000 to be paid to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (205 West 700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101; P: 801-214-7400). Contact CAFCU for complete details. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals name and balloon logo are used with permission, which in no way constitutes endorsement, expressed or implied, of any commercial product or company.