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The best rated, FREE money apps of 2021 that make saving fun and easy

  • Nov 8, 2021, 11:48 AM

Congratulations! You saved $1,874.87 this year

How much money and time do you think you could save if you had the right tools to help? Budgeting and savings can seem like an endless chore; however, these top-rated apps make saving money fun and effortless! Find your favorite savings app below and get ready to smile every time you put money into your savings account.

  1. Piggy Goals: Money Saving

    Piggy Goals Money Saving is an app designed to motivate you and help you save money by having a piggy bank where you can save cash any time you want or create daily, weekly or monthly goals. The app will track your progress and remind you with push notifications about your money-saving objectives.1

  2. 52 Weeks Money Challenge

    This app was created based on the popular 52-Week Challenge for saving money. The Challenge's simple premise is to help those who find it difficult to save money. If that sounds like you, this is a great way to start saving and gather a good amount after one year.2 

  3. Savings App - Piggy Bank

    If you have savings plans and want to keep track of them, this is your application. With this app you can create savings goals according to your needs, whether you want to save on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You can also create casual savings to set aside money without any time limit.3

  4. Savings Goal

    Ever dream of having a nice trip to Paris with your love, the new flagship smartphone, a new car, or maybe save for retirement? Make it happen with the Savings Goal tracker app. It's super easy to plan and manage your savings: just create your goal and track every time you save money with this simple but powerful app.

    You can also add your goal image to motivate yourself and set your target date while letting the app calculate the minimum amount you need to save every month, week, or day to make sure you reach your goals on time.4

  5. 30-Day Savings App - Meet Piggy Bank Challenge

    Are you unable to save money at the end of the month? Start setting financial goals with this savings app. During the 30-day challenge, you will have to deposit a small amount of money in your piggy bank that will increase daily.

    Your personal finances will improve thanks to this money management tool. Without even realizing it, you'll be saving a lot of money every day.5

  6. BONUS APP: Investmate — Learn to trade

    Do you have friends in finance? No? Well, now you do. Meet Investmate: a reliable and helpful education app with comprehensive knowledge of CFD (Contract for Differences) trading.

    Investmate has a lot to offer for beginners: courses, tips, quizzes, a glossary of terms, and thought-provoking financial content. With all this handy stuff in one education app, you can start from the very fundamentals and progress to the ins and outs of investing: you’ll learn what a CFD is, how CFDs on stocks, commodities, and indices are traded, how to interpret charts, and build your own trading strategy.6

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