​Member Loyalty Program

At Corporate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU), we’re dedicated to providing the tools, resources and expertise that will empower your financial success. And we know that what’s good for you is good for us. That’s why we’ve developed our Member Loyalty Program. The program offers members discounted rates on Vehicle, Home Equity or Signature Loans.

Plus, homebuyers can enjoy a discount on closing costs.*

How does the program work?

Discounts are based on your current Member Loyalty Level. The more involved you are with CAFCU, the higher your loyalty level and the greater the discounts you can receive.

Your loyalty level is determined by:

  • How long you’ve been a member
  • The number of CAFCU products and services you use
  • Your total dollars in loans and savings

What Level Are You?

Are you Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond? Find out today. Contact our Member Center or visit your local CAFCU branch.

Member Loyalty Level Discount¹
Diamond 0.30%
Emerald 0.25%
Ruby 0.20%
Sapphire 0.15%
Gold 0.10%
Silver 0.05%
Bronze 0.00%
New Member² 0.25%


For more information or questions connect with us:


*Usual credit criteria apply. Discount is available when you apply and close on a First Mortgage and will be based off your Member Loyalty Level. Rates and offers are subject to change and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact CAFCU for details.

1Usual credit criteria apply. Discount is available when you apply for a Signature Loan, Vehicle Loan or Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan and will be based on your Member Loyalty Level. Credit Builder Plus Loans are excluded. Minimum vehicle refinance amount is $1,000. 

2New Member Discount is available for the first 60 days of membership.