Refinance an Auto Loan

Are you ready for a better rate on your Auto loan?

Refinancing an auto loan from another financial institution may save you money by lowering your interest rates. It also may give you the option to change the terms of a loan, which can give you more time to pay your loan or shorten your loan term to pay off your loan faster.

We offer loan refinancing options that can help empower you to:

  • Save money with a lower interest rate and monthly payment
  • Reduce the number of payments you’ll need to make by refinancing to a shorter term
  • Opt for a longer term and potentially reduce your monthly payments
  • Convert to different terms that better fit your financial situation

Our Auto Loans offer:

  • Great low fixed rates
  • Flexible terms to better fit your financial situation
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To find out more about how refinancing your auto loan through Corporate America Family Credit Union can benefit you, contact our Lending Center at 1-800-359-1939, option 2.


Auto Loan Protection

In addition to our standard new and used Auto Loans, we also offer Auto Loan protection options to cover all your related needs.

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Electronic Loan Signature

CAFCU offers an option to sign loan documents electronically with DocuSign.

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