Supporting Financial Education in Our Communities

Helping educators share the value of a dollar with their students

CAFCU is proud to partner with the Banzai Online Financial Literacy Program to provide engaging and relevant financial education to teachers and schools in our communities. Because of our sponsorship with select schools in our communities, we are pleased to offer this program for FREE!

This web-based tool and teacher curriculum is used in the classroom to teach students of all ages about financial literacy, including real-life scenarios. 

What does Banzai teach?

  • Budgeting. When students learn how to take control of their money and stay accountable to themselves, they find more confidence and want to make better decisions.
  • Envelope Budgeting. “Envelope budgeting” is a popular method where you categorize all your income for specific purposes (e.g., utilities, rent, car) and put a strict cash amount in designated envelopes. Once that cash is gone, it’s gone, so you don’t overspend.
  • Credit Cards and Borrowing. A lot of people borrow more than they should. Banzai courses teach students about debt so they get a clear, sober view of how credit cards and debt affect our lives. Banzai's take is pretty simple: credit is a useful tool but do your best to not borrow. 
  • Spending Habits. Having a budget is nice, but it doesn’t change actual behavior. Real change in behavior comes from paying attention to your habits, and we know how hard it is to change spending habits. Banzai courses give a clear picture of how spending habits affect our lives in very real ways.
  • Saving Money. Most people would agree that saving money is a virtue. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they prefer saving money to spending it. Even more interesting is the fact that the gap between Americans who prefer saving and those who prefer spending has grown dramatically since the 2008 recession. Saving money, it would seem, is on a lot of people’s mind.

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