Avoid the snares of schemers, scammers, and fraudsters

We want our members to be aware of the latest trends in consumer fraud, scams, and identity theft. Educate yourself so you can recognize potential schemes and protect yourself and your money.

At CAFCU, we’re here to help! Below is information about recent vishing, phishing, and smishing scams as well as tips for how to avoid becoming a victim. Staying vigilant is the first step toward keeping yourself safe.

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Don’t fall prey to debt relief scams

Uninsured deposits in nonbank apps may be at risk

Don’t lose big money to transfer scams

Watch out for suspicious senders

Social Media Scams

Avoid ATM skimmers

Watch for rising 'jugging' theft at ATMs

What to do if you think you've been scammed

Three simple rules to avoid Zelle scams

Phony fraud alert text messages and phone calls

Customer service and tech support scams

Zelle utility bill scams

Merchant data breaches

Phishing scams

Phishing through fraudulent email surveys

DocuSign phishing scam

Vishing telephone scam

Smishing text message scams

Protecting your mobile device*

Visa Card Fraud Prevention Alerts

Your financial security is a top priority of CAFCU. That's why we proactively monitor your Visa credit and debit card(s) for any unusual activity.

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