As a CAFCU member, you can access your accounts wherever you go with our extensive network of ATMs and shared credit union branches.

Worldwide access

CAFCU belongs to three surcharge-free ATM networks and the CO-OP Shared BranchSM program. That means members can use thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S. and Canada in addition to accessing CAFCU accounts at participating credit union branches nationwide.



CO-OP Locator
Search for surcharge-free ATM locations, Shared Branching locations, or both by typing in a zip code above.

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NOTE: Before visiting a credit union listed as a Co-Op Shared Branch, please contact the branch location to make sure they are currently accepting shared branch transactions.

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    Bank anywhere you see these logos:

    CO-OP_Mobile_SB_BlackCO-OP logoCUHere ATM logo   Alliance One logo      MoneyPass logo    Cirrus ATM logo 

    Regarding ATM networks, please know:

    • CO-OP Network, Alliance One and CU24 participants may change.
    • If an ATM owner does impose a surcharge for use of the ATM, you must be notified prior to your transaction and you must be given the option to cancel your transaction.

    To take advantage of Shared Branching, be aware:

    • You must present a valid photo ID and your CAFCU member number.
    • Participating credit union branches are required to charge a $3 service charge for all withdrawals from a shared branching location.
    • The service charge will be deducted from the account from which funds were withdrawn on the next business day following the withdrawal.
    • Deposits and loan payments* made at shared branching locations will not be charged a service fee.
    ‚Äč*Shared branching locations are unable to accept mortgage payments.

    For more information or questions connect with us: