Remote Deposit

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Deposit Checks from Anywhere

Need to deposit a check but don’t want to drive to a branch? Corporate America Family Credit Union (CAFCU) has you covered with DeposZip® for remote and mobile check deposits. Deposit checks from home using your computer’s scanner, or from anywhere using our Mobile Banking App.

Why Use Remote and Mobile Deposit?

Remote and mobile deposit is:

  • Convenient. Deposit checks from wherever you are, without visiting a branch.
  • Secure. Deposits made through DeposZip require logging in to our secure Online Account Access.
  • Free! This convenient service has no fee for eligible CAFCU members.

Get Started

To register, log in to Online Account Access and click on the “DeposZip” link located in the Account Center.

For more detailed information about remote and mobile deposits, check out our DeposZip Frequently Asked Questions.

Download our free Mobile Banking App or set up Mobile Banking on your phone or mobile device today. It’s easy! Check out Mobile Banking to find out how.